2016 ITRC Industry Recognition Awards

Jose Gomez-Eyles
Bioavailability in Contaminated Soil
Integral Consulting
Seema Turner
Characterization and Remediation
in Fractured Rock
Ramboll Environmental
Sigrida Reinis
Evaluation of Innovative Methane
Detection Technologies
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Adam Janzen
Geostatistics for Remediation Optimization
Barr Engineering Company
Eric Nichols
LNAPL Update
Substrata, LLC
Doug Burge
Long Term Contaminant Management
Using Institutional Controls
Ramboll Environ
Jim Pastorick
Quality Considerations for Multiple Aspects of Munitions Response Sites
UXO Pro, Inc.
Chuck Newell
Remediation Management of Complex Sites
GSI Environmental Inc.
Vitina Mandella
Stormwater BMP Performance Verification Team
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Jeff Tyson
TPH Risk Evaluation at
Petroleum-Contaminated Sites
Scott Environmental Services

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ITRC Industry Recognition Award

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Each ITRC Team recognizes industry members for their outstanding contributions to ITRC. The selected industry members will receive an ITRC Industry Recognition Award in November 2016. The award consists of a certificate and a 25% discount on Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) membership fees for 2017.